About us

Geallo is a range of Italian Tomatoes products.

The tomatoes are carefully selected and harvested, from the farms to the manufactories, where the process of production take a place.

Together with our partners, We take care of the quality, and we pay attention to the whole process of production.

The products are highly controlled by qualified people and innovative machinery in the production facilities, that is How we take care of, and that is why we want to achieve excellent results.

From the province of Naples, we bring our Brand to the world, thanks to our local partners, together we provide the customer worldwide with a wide range of excellent canned tomatoes.


GEALLO is produced in Naples in the Campania Region of Italy, the land known for Its rich volcanic land, fertile soil, mild Mediterranean climate, healthy air and clean water all combine to make GEALLO Tomatoes the perfect Ingredient for your recipe.

GEALLO stands for Sustainability from Farming to processing, we care about our environmental health, water, and land resources, social well-being, and economic values that are identifiable with sustainability.

During the processing period, the tomatoes must be washed, selected, and peeled.

processed on the same day they are collected to keep intact both their fresh taste and fragrance.


GEALLO tomatoes are the best choice for your delicious meals, the taste, color, texture, and fresh flavor from the heart of Italy offer you an exceptional experience.

Whole Peeled Tomatoes
GEALLO Whole Peeled Tomatoes packed in thick Tomato Juice, made from 100% fresh fine pulp Italian Tomatoes, processed on the same day they are harvested to keep the fragrance and the fresh flavor.

  • Whole peeled
  • tomatoes
  • tomato juice
  • acidity
  • regulator: citric acid.
Double Concentrated Tomato Paste 28/30%
GEALLO Double Concentrate Tomato Paste 28% made from 100% Italian whole fresh Tomatoes, reduced by cooking in low heat to obtain the thick and intense texture of tomato paste while keeping the bright red color, the sweet taste, and the strong flavor.

  • Tomatoes and salt.
Crushed Tomatoes
GEALLO Crushed or Shopped Tomatoes made from 100% fresh fine pulp Tomatoes, carefully picked, crushed, and mixed with tomato puree, the crushed tomatoes have no Tomato skin or seeds and keep the unique aromatic taste.

  • Tomatoes
  • tomato juice
  • acidity regulator: citric acid


Whole peeled tomatoes 400 – 800 – 2500 grams
Chopped tomatoes 400 – 800 – 2500 grams
Tomato paste 70 – 140 – 400 – 800 – 2200 – 4050 grams
Pizza sauce 2500 – 4050 grams
Cherry tomatoes 400 – 2500 grams

Where you use GEALLO Tomatoes
Ideal for a wide range of dishes and recipes: stews sauces, soups, backed meals, Pizza, Lasagna, bread and appetizers recipes, roasts, and much more.


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